eClincher New Features – Aug 2018

eClincher top posts


We are excited to bring you 11 new eClincher features that will help you manage your social media campaigns with ease.


Facebook Mentions


When composing a new post to a facebook page or responding to messages, you can now mention the page or the business location.

Add mention for:

  • The Facebook page name: @fbpagename (e.g. @TeslaMotors)
  • The business place (e.g. @Auto brings up several businesses associated with the keyword auto)


eClincher Facebook mentions


Share posts to Facebook from Social,  RSS, Monitoring, and Favorite Feeds


You can now share your favorite RSS feeds on Facebook (Click top-right corner of RSS feed).  The RSS feed can be shared on: your timeline, friend’s timeline, in a Facebook group, on a Facebook page you manage or sent in a private message.


Share to Facebook from eClincher feeds


Saved Replies and Hashtags


You can now create saved replies and hashtags in separate tabs. Saved replies and hashtags can be re-used when posting or replying to messages. This is a quick way to automatically insert saved text instead of typing it over and over.

Ex.  ‘Thanks for subscribing to the eClincher newsletter, follow us on social media to get the latest updates and news’ #eClincher.


eClincher: insert Saved replies and hashtags


eClincher Saved replies and hashtags



Social Inbox – Publishing Time Zones


The social inbox now supports 12:00 or 24:00 hour formats, which can be changed in the Post Settings.


eClincher time zones


Social Inbox Completed Items


For your convenience, we added a quick access to Completed items in the main Inbox screen. The Inbox is now a drop down menu in which you can select Inbox, Completed or Sent items.


eClincher Inbox Completed



Instagram business – Hashtags


We added new analytics for Instagram business accounts. Discover which hashtags are the most engaging or how many times they were used in your posts. This will allow you to adjust your Instagram strategy based on best performing hashtags.



Analytics Reporting


We added a new menu allowing you to select different chart views. Click on the burger menu to select view options for each chart, such as combining profile data into one, increase/decrease by percentage, increase/decrease by absolute numbers, or none. These selections will also apply when export the reports.



We added a new feature to Analytics reports – selecting number of Top Posts. You can now select the number of posts to be included in your report.


Duplicate Reports – You can duplicate your customized analytics reports as well as adding a note.


eClincher analytics reports


Bulk Upload


Bulk upload (uploading images and CSV files) was added to post approval.  Allowing administrators to approve or disapprove a series of blog posts.


eClincher bulk upload


Yelp Notifications


Yelp is now integrated with eClincher, allowing you to see when a new Yelp review has been added to your Yelp business listing, and respond accordingly.





We hope these updates will make managing your social media campaigns with eClncher a walk in the park!!!


The eClincher Team